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Bartering goods at the close of market builds strong relationships between vendors.

It’s always a good week at the market selling bread when one or multiple of these things happen:

1 – Repeat customers return to purchase and enjoy more bread!

2 – All the bread is sold by the close of the market hours.

3 – Remaining breads at the close of market are traded with other vendors.

Option #1 is always a good choice and I’ve received good feedback from customers on how to improve some of the bread varieties – most significant has been the suggestion to make sandwich sized loaves.

Option #2 needs no explanation from a financial and time investment perspective.

Option #3 is where things get interesting. Take a look at the picture below:

One bottle of Trekker from Grayhaven Winery, a half-gallon of raw milk from Faith Farms, one dozen eggs from Sullivan’s Pond Farm, and Butter Milk Ranch Dressing, Salsa, and Olive Cheese Spread from Simply Savory.

These are all the items I bartered for two weekends ago at the market. On one day.

Since then, goodies from Simply Savory made up most of my weekly lunch, the milk was used in this past week’s breads, the eggs went into Cat Ruble’s new cake pops, and the bottle of wine is being saved for future consumption.

Bartering is a great way to take care of surplus goods at the end of the day and to trade with other vendors who have goods that may not keep until the following week. Yes, I could go home and freeze my bread for personal use, but freezing 4 or 6 loaves a week at the moment would build up fast to a full freezer.

Turning bread into wine or eggs or milk or savory goodies has a higher value than just more bread on hand at home. I’m grateful that this spirit of bartering has continued at the farmers market!


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